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Dozono sensei lives is Canada but is no longer SKIF member. Please read following communication between SKIF HQ Tokyo and SKIF Portugal. 

•Dear Mario,

•Thank you very much for your information of the activity of Dozono sensei in your territory.

•Due to his issuing very confusing Dan diploma under his name, and never correct his attitude,

•He was stripped his Dan and fellowship by Soke Kanazawa. Therefore he is no longer SKIF member.

•Thank you for your understanding.


•GHQ Satoru Iwai, International Liaison

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Board meeting

The Board of Directors had it´s first meeting in Belgium february 9th and 10th 2013. It was a very good meeting, with positive and constuctive discussions. Many improtant topics were brought up and will be brought up again at the next meeting. A process has been started and we will soon meet again to ensure further progression of our ideas.🙂